6-Second Marketing Videos – Worth the Effort?

Friday, August 30th, 2013
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Vine is a mobile service that started in January this year enabling you to easily create and share six-second videos. It’s the Twitter of the video world (in fact Twitter owns it), where the challenge is to condense your message while keeping it meaningful.

As with any budding social network, you should wonder if it might be useful for your business. The first question you need to ask yourself is, “What’s my demographic?” Vine is immensely popular with teens. As Facebook and YouTube matured, so did their demographic, and it was no longer the “cool” place to be for the younger crowd. Because Vine took all the guesswork out of creating videos, and because teens are quite fond of recording everything with their phones, Vine is the ideal playground for these creative youngsters with short attention spans.

Do your products appeal to the teen crowd? If you’re selling items that appeal to an older audience, such as wine, furniture, or home decor, then Vine may not be worth your time. You may want to look into Instagram Video instead. However fashion, comics, gadgets, and skater gear are all great examples of items that appeal to a typical Vine audience.

Are you interested? Need help? Twitter’s Vine FAQ page is a great place to start. Need marketing ideas for your Vine videos? Get your creative juices flowing by reading about how other brands have leveraged Vine:

If your demographic fits the profile and you have a creative idea to enhance you brand, give Vine a shot! You just might have fun with it.

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