72% of consumers are using coupons more, and many are open to web discounts

Friday, September 5th, 2008
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Fuel prices are slowly inching downward, but consumers are still watching spending carefully and using coupons often, according to a recent survey by lead generation services provider Prospectiv. Read More

Nexternal Solutions’ eCoupons tool can be a great way to retain existing customers. Merchants can setup percentage off coupons, flat rate coupons, and free shipping coupons. Coupons can be set for a specific number of uses or can expire after a certain date. Merchants can get fancy with coupons and run such promotions as “buy product x, get product y at 50% off.”

When used well, e-coupons can be a very powerful tool in driving online sales.

Here are 7 tips for using E-Coupons:-

1. Consider encouraging your customers to activate coupons with a hyperlink. This may not be possible with all e-commerce solutions, but can be especially effective when sending out e-coupons via email. Your customers should be able to simply click on a hyperlink from the email, go to your online store and see that the coupon has indeed been activated.

2. Experiment with different types of coupons to see what yields the best results among your customers. For example, some merchants find that free shipping coupons work best while others find that percentage off coupons yield a better result. A popular variation is free shipping or a percentage off when your customer spends more than a certain dollar amount.

3. Set up your online store so that you can show the coupon discount right in the shopping cart. It’s important to let the customer know as soon as possible that she is saving money. It keeps the customer interested and entices her to buy more. This works well for percentage off coupons because the customer can see their discount growing in the cart with every item added.

4. Allow customers to enter the coupon code at any point in the ordering process.

5. Use an expiration date for your coupons. You’ll want to keep track of them and don’t want them floating around indefinitely.

6. Do not make any reference to coupons or promotional codes in your online store if you do not have an active promotion running. Some customers may not like paying full price knowing that a special deal is available.

7. Lastly, if you set an expiration date for your coupon, send out a reminder a day or two before the coupon expires. You’ll be surprised at how quickly people order when they are reminded of a deadline for a great deal!

Coming from a medical and non-profit management background, Taryn has extensive experience in customer service and marketing. She is a Senior Account Manager for Nexternal and loves working with her clients to develop social media and marketing strategies to improve their online presence. In her spare time, she also runs a successful eCommerce jewelry and essential oils business.