1. Create a (secret) customer account for the gift giver as a separate account from the one he usually uses to order. Use a fake email address*. Use the gift giver’s address on the first page of the record and mark it as the primary billing address. Create one additional address, and put the gift recipient in there as the additional address, marking it as the primary shipping address. Uncheck the Mailing List box. Put the gift giver’s card in this account as the one saved credit card. Assign this record to the customer type which reflects the actual club that was gifted (e.g.: red6ship) Don’t tell either the gift giver or the gift recipient about the account.
  2. Create a new customer type (Customers/Types) for each level of possible club discounting (e.g. gift club 10, gift club 20, etc.)
  3. Create a new customer record for the gift recipient with no associated credit card info, and assign the customer type created in step #2 above that gives the recipient the correct discount. Also assign a temporary password, and this is the account you will tell the gift recipient about, so the recipient can receive their club discounts on all orders throughout their club membership. If and when they place an order they will be able to save their own cc info in this account for future use, if they wish.
  4. When running clubs, the gift giver’s second (secret) account will be included in a club run, neither of the other accounts will be included.
  5. When the gift membership terminates, remember to change both the secret account (created in step #1 above) and the recipient’s account (created in step #3 above) back to consumer (or former club member, if you track that).

*for the fake email address, we suggest, as this will be easy to spot and understand in reports. Because we also recommend using the “Prevent Duplicate Emails” boolean option, you will have to fill in the blank with unique contents every time. Consider using the giver’s or recipient’s phone number for this purpose.