Rich Pins for Retailers – Get Interested in Pinterest!

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
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If you are an online retailer and haven’t paid much attention to Pinterest, we recommend you get interested mighty fast. Here’s why and how –

Why You Should Care About Pinterest:

In May 2013, Didgiday printed a compelling list of Pinterest statistics for retailers, including these key findings, which pretty much speak for themselves:

  •  As of February 2013, Pinterest has 25 million users. (Business Insider)
  •  Sephora’s Pinterest followers spend 15 times more that its Facebook fans. (Venture Beat)
  •  70 percent of brand engagement on Pinterest is generated by users, not brands. (Digitas)
  •  Pinterest shoppers are spending significantly more per checkout averaging between $140-$180 per order compared with consistent $80 and $60 orders for Facebook and Twitter shoppers, respectively. (Rich Relevance)
  • U.S. consumers who use Pinterest follow an average of 9.3 retailers on the site. (
  •  Pinterest accounts for 25 percent of retail referral traffic. (Rich Relevance)

How Pinterest Rich Pins Can Help Increase Your Sales:

Until recently Pinterest was fun for users, but could be a bit frustrating for those who wanted to purchase or find more information about a pinned product. However, Pinterest has changed all that with rich pins – making it far easier for retailers to sell, and easier for Pinterest users to buy, the displayed items which are posted by retailers using rich pins.

Now, if your eCommerce platform supports rich pins it’s easy to leverage the power of Pinterest to drive sales and increase revenues by providing more product information than ever with every pin. Price and availability as well as a link to the product in your store are only a click away, and this information, updated daily, follows the pin with each re-pin – so the marketing power of each pin can be incredibly broad.

Currently there are four types of rich pins available – for products, recipes, movies and articles. A brief overview with examples can be found here. Pinterest provides instructions on how to prepare your site to support rich pins, which to non-programmers can be intimidating; however, Nexternal customers can skip the prep step, because we’ve already done it for you! All you have to do is validate your rich pins in the Pinterest rich pin validator – simply enter the url of the product page you wish to submit, and in a moment you’ll see what your rich pin will look like once validated. Then simply click to apply and wait (about a week) for Pinterest to approve your rich pin.

With features like rich pins and the recently released “Pinterest Price Alerts” which notifies Pinterest users when products they’ve pinned have experienced a price drop, you can be sure that Pinterest will become and remain a leader in driving traffic to your store and orders to your fulfillment center – so get pinning with rich pins!


Pamela is a Senior Account Manager at Nexternal and works in the Napa Valley office. She is passionate about helping her clients succeed. With 20 years' experience in the wine industry spearheading business development and marketing for various wineries including her own, plus previous years practicing general business law, Pamela is well qualified to provide the service and guidance to her clients that sets Nexternal apart from other eCommerce providers.