Are Mobile Users Finding Your Store?

Monday, August 13th, 2012
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We’ve talked about the importance of a mobile friendly store. Now it’s time to ask, are mobile customers finding you?

Search results originating from a mobile device often have greater priority placed on local listings. Google has estimated over half of all mobile searches have local intent. If your store only has an online presence, then standard site optimization should help its mobile presence. Even better is to configure a mobile friendly version of your store for easier browsing from a mobile device. If you are Nexternal customer, this has already been done for you. You only need to activate it.

Now if your store also has a physical presence in the offline world, you need to take advantage of your ability to rank in local results. Back in the day, people used phone books to find businesses in their area. Now shoppers use apps such as Yelp, Yahoo, and CitySearch to find out where to go. Just like it used to be imperative for businesses to get their sites listed in the Yellow Pages, you must now make sure your business is listed in online business listings.

In our opinion, the five most important directories to get listed in are:

There are numerous other directories you should also be listed in, but these five are a good start. Not sure where you are listed? Try using a free service like and find out where you have a local online presence and where you don’t.

As a final note, make sure it is easy for your website’s visitors to find your online store. Mobile users are all about speed and convenience. If they see a link to shop your store online, they may choose to do that instead of deciding to go to your physical store later (and likely forgetting about it).

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