Can’t Afford Traditional Promotions? Promote “You”!

Thursday, September 18th, 2014
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I know this may come as a bit of a surprise, but online shoppers love promotions! Free Shipping, 25% Off, and Buy One Get One Free are just a few of the most popular promotions that online merchants have blasted all over their websites. However, some online business owners may cringe at these kinds of promotions as they don’t want to cheapen their products, or their bottom line simply doesn’t provide them with the luxury of being able to offer these kinds of discounts.

As an online business owner, if you’re not able to afford steep discounts, or you do not want to sacrifice profits to offer traditional promotions, what can you promote on your site to cater to the shopper who needs extra incentive to make the buying decision? The short answer is to promote “You”.

What I mean by promoting “You” is making sure the shopper knows why they should buy from “You” or your business verses someone who may be offering the same item for less or delivering it for free. For example:

• Place a banner graphic on your store that says something along the lines of “Same Day Fulfillment on All Orders” or “Expedited Shipping Available”. For some shoppers, getting it quicker is more important than getting it cheaper.

• Ensure that you make it clear that you provide “Excellent Customer Service”. Advertise your Live Chat option and 800-number just in case the shopper would rather speak to someone to place an order or if they need to get in contact with you for any reason.

• Promote that your product pages have Customer Reviews and Product Questions so shoppers can easily see additional information they may require to make a buying decision.

• Provide shoppers with shipping cost estimates as well as estimated or guaranteed delivery dates for their order.

Along with promotions, online shoppers love exceptional customer service and a clear expectation about whom they’re doing business with. And while you still may lose the occasional shopper to the cheaper priced item or the Free Shipping promotion, by promoting “You” and delivering on your promises, you’ll turn occasional shoppers into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers.

eCommerce Ninja by day and husband & father by night. Since 2003 Ty has been part of the fast growing eCommerce industry both as an Account Manager and online retailer. Ty has played a vital role in the conversion, launch and day-to-day operations of hundreds of online businesses ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to one and two person companies.