Enhance Your Shopping Experience with Filters

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
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Odds are that if you’ve shopped online before, you’ve come across a storefront that offers some type of product filtering. Used effectively, filtering is a powerful tool to offer your shoppers as it reduces the amount of clicks required by the customer to find the specific item or items they’re interested in.

Just in case you haven’t used shopped using filters before, let me explain how they work. Filters use specific product characteristics such as sizes, colors, and even product reviews to automatically narrow down the items displayed on a product list page. Below you can see several of the filter options available with Nexternal’s eCommerce platform:

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To provide you with a specific example, lets say you’re shopping a brewery’s online store and you’re looking to place an order for a good Red Ale. The brewery has several beers available and instead of scrolling and reading through all the beers on the page, you simply click the “Red Ale” filter on the left and you get the 3 Red Ale options as seen below:

tod ty 2

Now lets say you’re new to the brewery/online store and you want to see what others have enjoyed and that are rated the highest. You can simply click the “Customer Reviews” filter and you receive these results:

tod ty 3

As you can see offering product filters on your online store is a great way to improve your storefront’s navigation possibilities while significantly enhancing the shopper’s overall experience.

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