Extend Your Brand on Facebook with ‘Share and Save’

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
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Implementing a Domain Alias (store.yourdomain.com) is essential for any new or existing client. A domain alias keeps brand continuity throughout your storefront and optimizes your store for search engines. In a similar way, the new Share and Save features expands social media visibility and incentivizes shoppers to virally market on your behalf by offering shoppers a discount for sharing your products on Facebook.

If you are using a Domain Alias (Settings/Site Options), you must enter a Facebook Application ID in the Social Media Preferences section in order to use this tool. The App ID enables the Share and Save application to launch Facebook’s Share Dialog from your Domain Alias.

To create a Facebook Application ID visit the following page: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/register

Follow the instructions below for Registering and Configuring an App on Facebook.

1. Login to Facebook 

2. Create Developer Account

3. Choose Platform = Website

4. Enter your Domain Alias + Click ‘Create New Facebook App ID’

5. Copy ‘AppId’ and Enter your Domain Alias or Website URL

6. Under ‘Next Steps’ click ‘Skip to Developer Dashboard’

7. Click on the Settings section in the left Menu Bar and scroll to the ‘Website’ section to confirm your Domain Alias is listed.

8. Paste App ID into your Nexternal Order Management System

• Visit the Settings section > Edit Compatible Software section > Social Network Preferences link > Facebook (Product and Coupon Sharing) section.
• Paste your new Facebook App ID into the App ID field.

9. Configure Facebook Product and Coupon Sharing Settings

• Enter the flat or % discount amount to utilize the Share and Save feature.
• Check the “Subscribe to Share Event” check box to ensure that the Sharing Discount is only applied when a Facebook share is completed.

The image above demonstrates how the Share and Save feature extends your brand throughout Facebook by including your product image, domain alias, and a short message appear in each Facebook Share.

Bobby Cintolo is a Senior Account Executive at Nexternal. Bobby is passionate about wine and he specializes in helping merchants increase their brand awareness using social media and mobile marketing tools.