For Highest Conversion Rates, Make Your Ecommerce Platform Keep Your Promises!

Friday, March 16th, 2012
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For highest conversion rates, make your ecommerce platform keep your promises!

It’s no secret in today’s world of marketing that to ensure the highest conversion rates, online merchants need to provide an intuitive and seamless shopping experience for their customers. In part, that means that your website and ecommerce platform should function the way most customers would expect them to. For instance, if a navigation link says “Special Promotions”, it should take the customer directly to a Special Promotions category in your store, not to a storefront page where they would have to find and click on the “Special Promotions” link.

Similarly, when you advertise a discount, a free gift with purchase or other special promotion, it’s best to ensure that your ecommerce system does what you are promising. Customers’ confidence is deeply decreased, and your cart abandonment rate is severely increased, when customers see something different in their cart than what you promised, and get messages that boil down to something like: “Even though you don’t see what we promised in your cart, we promise to do it at the store before we charge your credit card or ship your package.”

If you are advertising special discounts, then all discounts, whether on products or shipping or both, should show up on the order before a customer is required to provide you with their credit card information. Likewise, a free gift with purchase should automatically show up in customers’ shopping carts when they have placed the requisite items in their cart. If your ecommerce platform cannot perform these functions, you are better off thinking of a different promotion than running a promotion that you can’t accommodate online.

Within Nexternal, there are several powerful features that can be used in conjunction with each other to create unique and effective promotions, including multiple built-in pricing models, robust couponing capabilities, product and category link elevations, automatic-add-to-cart links, multiple shipping calculation tables and much more. Used properly on their own or in conjunction with each other, these features provide Nexternal merchants with almost unlimited power to market with creative, effective promos that the customer will see in their shopping cart as they are shopping online – resulting in clarity for the customer and higher conversion rates for the merchant.

If you are a Nexternal merchant and you would like more information about how to use these and other features in Nexternal to create powerhouse promotions, simply contact your dedicated Account Executive, who is always happy to assist.

Pamela is a Senior Account Manager at Nexternal and works in the Napa Valley office. She is passionate about helping her clients succeed. With 20 years' experience in the wine industry spearheading business development and marketing for various wineries including her own, plus previous years practicing general business law, Pamela is well qualified to provide the service and guidance to her clients that sets Nexternal apart from other eCommerce providers.