How To Get Started in Mobile Display Advertising

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
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If you’ve gotten involved in text message marketing, you may be curious about mobile display advertising and whether it’s right for you. Simply put, mobile display advertising is the display of paid ads on mobile devices like smartphones and iPods.

The most common mistake when advertising on mobile platforms is to assume it’s like regular advertising on the web. It’s crucial to understand that mobile users behave and consume differently from computer users. Not only is the screen much smaller on mobile devices, bandwidth is also smaller, as is attention span. Traditional ads just aren’t tolerated in mobile browsing.

Look up mobile advertising and you will likely be bombarded with multitudes of listings for services you can advertise on. When it comes to mobile advertising, targeted content is key. If you sell games, then it makes sense to buy banner ads that display within games. What if you sell things like home decor, clothing, or sporting goods? You may want to try one of the following big players who are the kings of targeted advertising:

Google is by far the heavy hitter when it comes to search advertising. With Google being the default search engine on all Android devices, this means it immediately reaches nearly half of all smartphone users. Next time someone is standing in a Best Buy and looking up comparative prices for wireless routers, perhaps your ad may come up in the search and convince that person to visit you instead. Get started with Google Mobile Ads.

Facebook has made tremendous gains in ad revenue since finding ways to advertise to mobile Facebook users. You can choose to target by age, location, education, interests, or connections. You can get started with Facebook ads here, but targeting only mobile users is a more involved process requiring the use of a plugin called Power Editor.

Twitter gives you the ability to promote your tweets, or to promote your entire account. The targeted part comes in the ability to choose which interests or which followers you wish to appeal to. Learn more about the ins and outs of Twitter advertising.

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