Integrate Nexternal to Your Back End Systems

Friday, January 24th, 2014
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Think about this: If you are spending 1 or more hours each day manually processing orders – you are losing valuable time during your day that can be used to grow other parts of your business. Just take a look at this stat- There are 250 days in a typical work year, and if you are spending at least 1 hour a day processing orders, that equates to 250 hours a year. When you take into account that the average work day is 8 hours, all of that work will equal around 31 work days a year. Imagine what you could do to help your business if you had that time back!

When you implement an integration hub to connect your backend systems, all order information can flow seamlessly. You can connect your Nexternal shopping cart to ERP or accounting systems (GP, NAV, AX, NetSuite, Exact and QuickBooks) and any marketplace or EDI trading partner. When these systems are integrated, all information is effortlessly transferred between the systems. This virtually eliminates the need to manually enter data. When human touches are removed from the order cycle, the chances of costly errors are removed as well. Everyone makes mistakes while typing, but when you are running a business, one seemingly small typo can have a tangible impact. Shipping errors can be very costly, and through automation, the chances of these rekeying errors are eliminated.

Another benefit to utilizing an integration hub is that you can process more orders in less time. A direct integration with your EDI trading partners to your ERP/accounting software enables you to receive and process orders at a much faster pace. EDI documents send much quicker than faxes, and are more efficient than emails or phone calls. With a faster order cycle, your business will gain the benefit of scalability and handle a higher order volume. Because orders are processed in real-time without manual processes, an EDI solution enables you to get paid faster by speeding up the order lifecycle. This can also increase customer satisfaction because customers can quickly track and receive their orders.

With an integration hub, the powerful systems your business depends on can communicate seamlessly. EDI messages will be received and translated and deposited automatically into the appropriate system. It is also worth noting that with an end-to-end EDI integration with trading partners, you will have an automated drop ship solution. With these backend efficiencies, your staff can focus on sales, marketing, IT and more. If your backend is running inefficiently, customers will be turned away because of poor ratings. But, with a powerful backend that runs efficiently and reliably, your main focus can be customer satisfaction and growing your business.

An end-to-end integration offers you the ability to eliminate the chance of costly errors, process more orders in less time, and effortlessly share information between Nexternal and the backend systems that power your eCommerce business. As a result, you will free up your resources so your focus can be on running a successful web store and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s growing eCommerce environment.

Rebecca Kaelin is the marketing coordinator for logicbroker, a cloud-based integration hub enabling the automated exchange of inventory, catalog, and order information by connecting your website, internal systems, and trading partners.