Nexternal Solutions – Help Desk – Facebook & Twitter Integration Tutorial

Monday, February 8th, 2010
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Nexternal’s Facebook and Twitter integration gives online merchants the ability to allow their shoppers to post recent purchases both on Facebook and Twitter after the checkout process. In this video I’m going to show you how to set up your Nexternal storefront to integrate with Facebook and Twitter.


Setting up your Nexternal Storefront to allow customer to post purchases to Facebook or Twitter is very easy. The first step it to login to your Nexternal Order Management System.

Once logged in, you will proceed to the Settings section. From Settings you will scroll down to Compatible Software and click Edit. Once inside Compatible Software you will scroll down to Social Networking. Here you will see checkboxes for both Facebook and Twitter. Before checking these boxes you will want to click the Preferences link to configure your Facebook and Twitter settings.

The Preferences will allow you to configure the options that control what is posted on each social network after a purchase has been made. The buyer will have the option to post any message they would like, but you can also provide them with a default message to use. This default message can either be auto-generated by Nexternal, customized to your specifications, or you can choose not use a message at all.


For Facebook you can also add a default image that will be included with the post on the shopper’s profile. You will see that First Fairway uses a company logo and Nexternal recommends using a 90 x 90 pixel image. Facebook only allows a 90 x 90 image and if upload one that is too big or too small, Facebook will automatically resize the image causing distortion.

Next you’ll want to specify your Link Text. The Link Text is typically your Company Name or Website URL and is used on Facebook to link directly to your website. You may also put in a Link Description that will be posted on Facebook below your Link Text. You’ll want to keep both the Link Text and Description very short as you see First Fairway does here.

Once you’ve configured the preferences, click Submit and you should be returned to the Compatible Software section. You’ll again scroll down and Check the Facebook and Twitter boxes. You can now Click Finish and the integration is complete.


I recommend submitting a test transaction to see the entire process of how the Facebook & Twitter integration works. You will see that when a customer submits an order they are presented with a Share button. If the customer clicks on Share they will have the option to post their order to Facebook and Twitter. If they decide to share what they just bought with their friends, family and followers, the notification or post will instantly appear on the buyer’s profile with a direct link back to the merchant’s online store. In the case of a Facebook post, your Link Image will also be included.


As you can see the Facebook and Twitter integration makes it’s easier than ever for buyers to spread the word to their friends, family and followers about your products. For more information please feel free to contact us at 1-800-914-6161 or email


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