Triggering Higher Conversion

Monday, September 30th, 2013
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Driving traffic and maximizing conversion are two of the biggest, if not the biggest pillars of successful online merchants. We have well documented that offering coupons and running other types of promotions are effective traffic generators. Likewise, Nexternal has always recognized the conversion benefits of an always-on-screen shopping cart and reducing unnecessary clicks for customers. But what if there was a way to combine these two principles? Enter: Auto Add Triggers.

By now you’re probably thinking: “What in the world is an Auto Add Trigger?” An Auto Add Trigger is, frankly, an awesome way to automatically populate a customer’s shopping cart with a product when other predetermined products, coupons or a number of products from a specific category have been added to cart. Here’s a scenario: A company sends out an email campaign to its customers with a coupon for 10% off a popular product. Instead of the customer opening up the store in a new window, searching for and adding that product to the cart, proceeding to checkout, referencing the email again to view the coupon code and then entering it, here’s how the Auto-Add Trigger would work: The customer clicks on the coupon link in the email… that’s it. Since the coupon link takes the customer to the store while simultaneously activating it and the coupon is acting as a Trigger for the product of interest, the item is automatically added to cart: one click, one discounted product in the cart. Click here to see.

Triggering products to cart via coupons is just one of several ways to utilize this resource. Let’s say you offer two products that go hand in hand such as shoes and socks, electronics and batteries, wine and cheese, or a power tool with an extended warrantee. Products can trigger other products. So in the right situation, when a customer adds one to their cart, the other would follow automatically and in a way where the merchant sees and tracks them as separate line items, rather than an upgrade through a product attribute. What’s even better is the item that’s being triggered doesn’t even have to be a visible product in the store. You can create something internally, let’s say a free sample, a holiday thank you gift, or any other give-away that you don’t want customers to stumble upon in the store and buy on their own. Because triggers can be tied to categories, a promotion such as “Buy any three products in category X and automatically get a free product Y” is now possible too. Here’s an effective example of one product triggering a free ‘hidden’ item in our demo. The trigger, coupled with the prerequisite product’s Add To Cart URL, takes it a step further: You’ll notice that not only do you automatically receive a free club cover without having to find and add it to the order, but the golf bag itself has been added for you as well!

Auto Add Triggers can add a whole new level of automation and ease of use to your store and consumers’ experience all while opening the doors to new innovative marketing ideas that hadn’t been possible. Nexternal clients can activate this feature by going to Products>Auto Add Triggers> Override Product Visibility and create a Trigger at the product level, even for invisible products. For more info or to explore Auto Add Triggers, contact your Nexternal Account Rep or visit us at

Chris is a Senior Account Executive at Nexternal and has been with the company since 2005. Before joining Nexternal he worked in the cloud-based educational software industry. Chris enjoys establishing new relationships with online merchants and working closely with those clients as they grow.