How to Set up Dynamic Remarketing

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
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If you frequent the internet, you probably have felt like certain companies are stalking you. Even if you have only hit a merchant’s site once, there is a good chance you’ll come across their advertisements soon after (unless you clear your cookies often). Some merchants, however, take things to a whole new level – they actually show you advertisements for specific products based on the product pages you visit. How do they do that and how can you do that?

Google AdWords has an advertising tool called Dynamic Remarketing. By putting some additional code snippets on your product pages, you can essentially tell Google which products a particular shopper is interested in. It is important to note that for this to work successfully, your Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center accounts need to be linked together. In addition to the standard dynamic remarketing code snippet you put on your pages, you must also pass product specific parameters over to Google. For Nexternal clients, appending this snippet to the dynamic remarketing code in your Tracking Code field will yield the desired result:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var PageName = ‘CATEGORY_NAME’;
if (PageName == ‘Product’){
var ProductIDValue = productServerVars.ProductID;
var ProductPriceValue = $get(productDetailServerVars.PriceText).getAttribute(“content”);
var google_tag_params = {
ecomm_prodid: ProductIDValue,
ecomm_pagetype: ‘product’,
ecomm_totalvalue: ProductPriceValue

It essentially says, if the customer lands on a product page, let the Google advertising engine know the Product ID and price of the product. With that knowledge, Google can then display a product specific advertisement to that shopper on other pages they visit in the future that are displaying Google advertisements. Exposing the product to the customer multiple times keeps it top of mind, and feeds into the common belief when selling that you often need to reach out seven times before you get a response. Dynamic Remarketing gives you a chance to do just that!

As with all your AdWords advertising campaigns, track your conversion and return. Also note that although this technique works well for many companies, it may not work for every company, so consider whether or not this idea is right for your products and brand.

After receiving a degree in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Alex began his career as a technology consultant with Accenture. In 1999 he left Accenture and founded Nexternal – a cloud-based eCommerce Platform company. Alex is passionate about eCommerce and online marketing. He is now a Senior Vice President of HighJump, managing the Nexternal business unit.