Technology Makes It Easier Than Ever for Wineries to Ship Legally

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
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Nexternal Solutions and ShipCompliant offer streamlined compliance solutions for wineries

Nexternal Solutions, a leading provider of ecommerce software for the wine industry, now offers wineries the opportunity to check orders for state compliance in real-time at the time of sale, whether the order is placed online, over the phone, or through a wine club. This is made possible through a technology integration with ShipCompliant, the industry-recognized provider of automated compliance and reporting.

Wineries can have great difficulty shipping wine out of state compliantly because 1) each state has its own set of laws around alcohol shipments and reporting requirements and 2) the direct-to-consumer wine shipping environment has been in flux since the 2005 Granholm v. Heald Supreme Court ruling that states must have equitable shipping laws for both in-state and out-of-state wine producers.

When a winery using both Nexternal and ShipCompliant enters an order into Nexternal’s e-commerce software, the order is automatically sent to ShipCompliant to check for compliance with state laws, validate the shipping address and verify the age of the purchaser. If the order is not compliant, it can be modified and resubmitted to ShipCompliant through Nexternal’s order management system during the sales process. Once the order is shipped, package tracking information available in ShipCompliant may be synchronized back into Nexternal, and wineries can download pre-populated state reports from ShipCompliant.

“Nexternal’s integration with ShipCompliant is fantastic,” said Greg Godchaux of Chandon. “If an order arrives that is not compliant, it is immediately identified on my order list screen. I can then contact the customer to determine the best course of action. Furthermore, the compliant orders are automatically uploaded to ShipCompliant which are then downloaded by our fulfillment company, Wineshipping. Once shipped, Wineshipping automatically updates shipment tracking information in ShipCompliant, I can then synchronize that data with my Nexternal account. The entire process is smooth and makes my job easier.”

Jason Eckenroth, CEO of ShipCompliant states, “ShipCompliant is committed to offering streamlined solutions for wineries to make the regulatory environment easy to navigate. We are confident that Nexternal’s integration with our APIs will help wineries reduce compliance overhead costs and focus their staff’s valuable time on wine sales instead of compliance administration.”

“ShipCompliant has done a tremendous job creating a full-featured compliance tool,” said Doreen Davis, manager of Nexternal’s wine vertical. “ShipCompliant works with hundreds of wineries and is, without a doubt, the leader in the compliance space. We are thrilled to take our partnership with ShipCompliant to the next level. A seamless integration was a natural progression for our software to meet our existing client’s needs while laying the pavement for new winery clients every month.  We are excited to show this technology off at the ShipCompliant Users Conference on June 10th.”

About Nexternal Solutions

Nexternal Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of web based ecommerce software. Founded in 1999, the company’s unique e-commerce system is used by hundreds of clients in many diverse industries. Nexternal’s software features an always-on screen shopping cart with integrated marketing and fulfillment tools allowing merchants to maximize revenue while minimizing operating costs. Nexternal’s software was rated five out of five stars by and is a three time SIIA Codie awards finalist for Best E-Commerce Software. Clients include Weyerhaeuser, Alcoa, USA Today, Ste Michelle Wine Estates, Taser International and Hershey. With locations in Carlsbad, CA and New Canaan, CT, Nexternal provides industry leading customer service. For more information, contact Nexternal Solutions, Inc. 800.914.6161. Web:

About ShipCompliant

ShipCompliant provides automated compliance and distribution software solutions for wine and spirits suppliers, providing accurate compliance checks on direct-to-consumer orders, proactive solutions for wholesale compliance management, and full-concierge licensing services. ShipCompliant is recognized as the wine industry’s standard for compliance management through established relationships with leading wine industry associations, software companies, third-party shippers, compliance consultants and common carriers. For more information, please visit:

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