Do Your Marketing Efforts Resemble “The Walking Dead”?

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
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If your email campaigns are horrifying customers, it may be time to bring them back from the dead. Turn lifeless zombies into hungry customers who are eager to shop. Here are some email tips:

Fresh blood:

Include unique and creative content in your emails. Remember you are competing with other companies to gain customers. Start by asking yourself, what can set this email apart? Why would a customer want to buy from us? Customers are researchers and are looking for powerful and relevant content that applies specifically to them. Create segmented emails with subjects that interest your customers. For example, you can send emails that pertain to their past purchasing history making customers come rushing back for more.

Wake the Sleeping:

Try to re-engage disengaged customers to keep them from completely dying off. You can begin by creating an email list for people that have not engaged in a couple of months. Send them an email with a special offer letting them know you appreciate their subscription and have noticed they have not been back in a while so you are offering them an exclusive promotion. Don’t forget to create call to action buttons in these emails. Always give the customers an option to unsubscribe if they are no longer interested.

Bury the Dead:

Ask yourself, how many customers are opening these emails? What links are clicked? Was this information shared? You can tailor future campaigns based on past information you have learned. Ask customers for reviews and general feedback. This will help you modify your offers and keep the important customers coming back for more. Too often companies are overly concerned with growing their subscriber lists. This is ineffective if most emails are getting bounce backs or are being ignored. Most email companies (like MailChimp) charge you based on the size of your list so if you have a lot of dead weight that needs to be shaken off, start scrubbing that list. Get into a monthly habit of keeping your subscriber list clean so that you can maintain high quality email addresses and not just unwanted volume.

Following these tips should help revive and re-engage your grim customer base by keeping in regular contact with them through the use of persuasive emails.

Stay safe this Halloween!

Shauna has a background in information technology and is currently a Senior Account Executive at Nexternal . She has been creating and cultivating client relationships with brands since 2007, offering her clients both eCommerce and online marketing insight.