Importance of Buyer Logins and Reorders in a B2B Environment

Friday, April 7th, 2017
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When selling online it is important to consider the differences of the customer’s experiences, because not all experiences are equal. There’s a pretty big difference between the business-to-business (B2B) buyer and the business-to-consumer (B2C) shopper. Because of this, the separate features and functionalities necessary to create a B2B ordering experience are quite different as well. The following are two examples of important factors in a B2B environment:

Buyer Logins:

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B2B buyers require validated identity and access requirements. In other words, they are “invite only.” These buyers are often established customers. They may have specific price deals, payment schedules, and product visibilities in place with the business they order from, so it is important they are provided with a secure login portal.


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In a B2B world, order environments provide different scenarios. In a B2B first time order environment, products may be purchased in bulk. In a B2B repeat order scenario, speed and accuracy are paramount to restocking shelves. Because of this, B2B buying experiences should be tailored to easily add products by quickly accessing order history after logging in to duplicate past orders and simply reorder.

Both buyer logins and reordering are critical offerings for companies that sell B2B. Buyer log-ins personalize the buyer’s experience and help them feel organized so that they can view past orders and track packages. One click reordering is a key feature in a B2B environment because this allows the buyer to easily add products from their last order to their cart which saves them time and frustration and ensures the company they are ordering from won’t lose revenue.

If you are a company already using Nexternal’s eCommerce platform, you are likely already aware of these built in necessities. If you are experiencing limitations in your existing eCommerce environment and are interested in learning more, please reach out to an experienced Account Executive today: 1.800.328.3271 Option 1, Ext 1052




Shauna has a background in information technology and is currently a Senior Account Executive at Nexternal . She has been creating and cultivating client relationships with brands since 2007, offering her clients both eCommerce and online marketing insight.