3 New Targeted Email Promotions You Can Run Today!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015
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You may have read our suggestions for 3 simple targeted email promotions. A recent survey taken by Harris Poll sheds some light on what consumers liked about marketing emails, which leads us to 3 new targeted email promotions that you can run!

1. 80% like it when emails recommend products based on their previous purchases.
People want to spend their time on relevant things, which is why they hate spam emails. Generic promotional emails have a tendency to seem a bit “spammy” because the recipient may or may not be interested in what you’re talking about. But if you put together a custom list of product recommendations based on buying history (use Nexternal’s order history search to find customers with specific buying histories), the chance of interest increases dramatically. If you’ve paid attention to what people tend to order together, then you’ll know what products to recommend. If that information isn’t available to you, you’ll at least know what categories the shopper is interested in based on what they’ve ordered before. A person who ordered a lip balm before might be interested in a similar lip moisturizer, or perhaps you could recommend a lotion that other lip balm enthusiasts order a lot.

2. 71% like emails based on items they’ve viewed online but not purchased.
One way to accomplish this is to examine your cart abandonment data. If they were unsure about purchasing those particular items, maybe you can suggest similar or related items to re-spark their interest.

3. 81% want promotional emails to highlight sale items.
As much as people like to be told about products that might interest them, most people are still suckers for a good deal. Shoppers often hold out on purchasing until it goes on sale. Shoppers often purchase sale items there weren’t on their shopping list to begin with. You can advertise a general discount you are offering, but highlighting specific products that are up for sale may get more response simply because it makes shoppers think, “Hmm, maybe I want that.”

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