Does Your Online Store Have the Moves Like Zappos?

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
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Many small to mid-size online retailers in the clothing and apparel industry would love to allow their customers to shop by size and/or color much like Zappos offers. Wouldn’t it be great if their eCommerce software allowed them to offer this functionality without the need to purchase separate and expensive filtering software?

If you use the Nexternal eCommerce Platform you are in luck, as the native Search All option will allow the search function to pull data from the attribute level of your products and does not limit you to top level information. For example, maybe the manager of is convinced that orange is the hot color for the fall and he wants to make it easy for his customers to easily see products in that color. All he needs to do is have his web developer add an appropriate navigational element that would reference this search link:

While merchants with advanced coding capabilities may make this targeted search appear graphical in nature, a simple drop down is highly effective and should be easy to implement. A big added bonus is that it can provide Search Engine Optimization benefits as the individual search URLs can be looked at as individual pages. A nice example of drop down code to get you started, is located here:

With a little coding skill (and Nexteral’s Site Sync team is happy to help if you do not have these skills in-house,) your store can also have “The Moves Like Zappos.” Your customers (and your sales volume) will be impressed!

Craig is the VP of Sales at Nexternal and is known in the industry as an expert in eCommerce, systems integrations, and online marketing. Craig has been with Nexternal since 2000 and his passion and experience are apparent to all who work with him.