How Far Does Loyalty Go? You Decide.

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
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Grocery store discount cards, frequent flier miles… even coupons on POS receipts! It is clear we are in the golden age of driving customer loyalty. More than just a fad, these programs have been around since the 1800’s. They have staying power for good reason- people love them!

Fast forward to the 1990’s. It was at this time that the now-beloved Grocery Store Discount Card was just starting to gain interest. Using a popular points-based rewards model, retailers made the average Joe (or Jane) feel like shopping VIP. Each scan of a Store Card barcode brought them closer to premium prices and exclusive deals.

Now, just 25 years later, the data speaks for itself: ‘68% of shoppers belong to at least two grocery store loyalty programs (Blackhawk Engagement*).’ These nifty little pieces of plastic impacted incentivized shopping in a big way! So how do you, a savvy eCommerce business owner, get a piece of the action?

Enter the Nexternal Loyalty Program. This optional feature is 100% digital, which means your customers won’t even have to fumble with their key ring to participate. Better yet, Nexternal takes the customer loyalty experience to a whole new level in keeping consistent with their Omni channel approach. You know your customers and products best. This program offers you the ability to decide the terms of usage, parameters for point accrual and what products qualify. A few of the settings that can be modified to meet your business’ needs, below:

– How many points a customer will receive per dollar spent
– How much virtual currency each point is equivalent to
– The minimum cash equivalent value of points needed to redeem said point


A view from HighJump Engage, iPad POS with Integrated eCommerce from Nexternal

Don’t want those earned points hanging around forever? You choose if and when they expire. Want to get a head start on the holiday season? Consider offering the option to purchase gift certificates with points earned. A holiday favorite, this further increases brand recognition and customer engagement with your business. As a Nexternal Client you have access to this premium feature. Please contact your Dedicated Account Executive for a demonstration today!

With a background in 3D Printing and eCommerce Operations, Erika Kruczkiewicz is committed to helping merchants reach their full potential. She is currently an Account Manager at Nexternal and can be found providing guidance on how to create a memorable online shopping experience.