How to Grab Your Share of the Holiday Shopping Frenzy

Monday, December 3rd, 2012
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With Thanksgiving over and malls cranking up the holiday tunes, the shopping season of the year is in full swing. As an internet retailer, what can you do to make sure you are getting a piece of the pie?

Offer coupons and promotions

Shoppers are smart. With so many choices, they’ll look for sales. When shopping online, they’ll look for coupon codes or special promotions. If you need tips setting up coupons in your Nexternal store, try going to the Help Desk section of your OMS and search for “coupon”. You can also contact your account manager for help.    

Distribute your deals

It’s one thing to have promotions available for your existing customers, but what about customers who don’t know they want your stuff yet? Try spreading the word about your promos to online deal sites. There are several such sites that shoppers can use to find working coupon codes or read about ongoing deals. Some popular ones include:

Suggest other products of interest

Steven Krenzer, CEO of PriceGrabber, says, “We will always buy at least one, two, three or five things more than we intended when we shop in stores.” Brick and mortar stores can entice you with displays near the cash register. Your online store can suggest products that might interest a shopper based on what they add to their cart. In Nexternal, this is the Upsell Overlay feature.

Let shoppers know what’s popular in your store

Users who are gift shopping often don’t have a specific item in mind. They may be curious to know what other people are getting since it’s a great source for ideas. Consider highlighting bestselling items on your storefront. Nexternal’s Popular Products widget can be implemented with a little bit of programming knowledge. Nexternal can also do this for you for a modest fee.

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