Now’s The Time to Market to Your Holiday Customers

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
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This year a lot of us shopped online for holiday gifts. Holiday e-tail was up 15% over last year and there was an estimated $37 billion spent online during the holidays. Congratulations are definitely in order for online merchants! But now that we’re half way through January, it’s time to focus on 2012 and utilize the customers you invested your marketing dollars to grab during the crazy holiday season.

Take the time to search for customers who purchased during the holiday season and thank them for their business with a coupon code. You can also ask them to submit a product review or share their experience on their favorite social network and reward them with a coupon or discount for doing so. You want the customer to remember you so try and be creative with your approach. This way they think about buying from you all year and not just during the holiday season. Your objective here is to create a loyal customer out of someone who was likely more expensive to obtain due to the increased competition for customer acquisition during the holidays.

Another thing to remember is that not all of your customers are created equally. Meaning that you should consider segmenting your marketing campaigns based on factors like how much was spent by the customer, what was purchased and maybe even target your customers who didn’t make a purchase during the holidays. The more personalized you get in your approach to email marketing, the better your chances are that the customer will open the email, click through and convert into an additional sale.

Several online merchants make the mistake of throttling back on their marketing efforts in the month of January as the dust is just settling from the busy holiday season. But while others are resting, it gives you the perfect opportunity to get your customers attention and start 2012 off with some solid online sales numbers.

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