Use Facebook Interest Lists to Monitor Your Brand, Customers and Competitors

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
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Have you heard of Facebook Interest Lists? If not, they are Facebook’s listing capabilities that allow users to create private and public Interest Lists. Interest Lists are content aggregation tools used to organize content, key areas of interest, and share information with a specific audience.

Here are 3 ways eCommerce merchants can use Facebook Interest Lists to monitor their brand and increase sales:

1. An opportunity to gain insights on clients.
eCommerce merchants can create lists of key customers and/or keywords associated with their brand to stay up to date with their customer’s habits and conversations surrounding their brand. This can help merchants increase their potential of connecting with a prospective customer by tailoring their marketing and advertising promotions to relevant areas of consumer interest. Interest lists can also help merchants grow their relationship with existing customers by providing insights on the times, topics, and events that presently interest your customers.

2. A way to monitor your peers.
Watching and listening to your competition is one way to make sure you are staying up to date with current trends and strategies that might affect your brand. A listing of all the FB posts pertaining to your products, company, and top keywords can help you understand how consumers are interacting with your brand. It also allows merchants to tailor the communication and social media strategy they use to reach their target market.

3. Share your expertise with followers.
Merchants can set up lists of top customers, club members, or specific customer types so they can share exclusive information with them that may not be pertinent to the general public. Since customers and people are not notified when you add them to a list this can be an effective customer segmentation tool.

To learn more about creating the Facebook Interest List(s) that is right for your business visit: Organizing Your Interests

Bobby Cintolo is a Senior Account Executive at Nexternal. Bobby is passionate about wine and he specializes in helping merchants increase their brand awareness using social media and mobile marketing tools.