What’s Your 411?

Friday, October 5th, 2012
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While mastering marketing and having streamlined checkout process are both important to any online business, you will also want to implement phenomenal customer service into your business plan. Providing your customers with the ability to call in and speak with a live person is a strategy that all truly successful business owners understand. Strive to have satisfied customers by making it easy for them to contact you. It is common for customers to have questions, so present your contact details, (both email and phone number) clearly on your website as well as on every message you deliver. Going the extra step by creating a FAQs page with the names, e-mail addresses or phone numbers of people who can help, and other relevant information can provide a world of difference to a customer. Having this information upfront and easily accessible will show that you want to talk and that you do care.

While most customers are comfortable shopping online, some prefer to speak to you directly. Consider the sales you may otherwise lose out on not having your contact information available on your website. For example, think how much losing even just 10 sales would cost you, and compare it to the extra sales you’ll gain from making your customers happy. If a customer calls in, you now have the opportunity to upsell an already interested customer, or engage a customer who may otherwise decide not to place an order. If a customer calls in and you already use Nexternal’s platform, you can easily accept phone/fax/mail orders through the OMS. You can check out Nexternal’s video tutorial here to help guide you.

Shauna has a background in information technology and is currently a Senior Account Executive at Nexternal . She has been creating and cultivating client relationships with brands since 2007, offering her clients both eCommerce and online marketing insight.