Be a MailChimp Champ!

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
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Many marketers simply focus on open rates when analyzing email campaigns they run through MailChimp.  The smart ones focus on revenue.

What many people do not know is that you can measure the success of your campaigns based on revenue directly in MailChimp by leveraging their Google Analytics Integration.  Freddie_winkOnce you have your GA account integrated with MailChimp, you will have a Revenue Chart button so that you can see exactly how much revenue can be attributed to any specific email campaign that you run.  Integrating your GA account in MailChimp only takes a few clicks in their settings section.  The key is to simply check the box that will add Google Analytics tracking to all URLs.  As a marketer, revenue attribution is the most important metric for any eCommerce campaign and MailChimp makes it is easy.  You no longer have to wade through Google Analytics to find and analyze Campaign Tracking (although you still can if you wish) since the data is easily accessible in MailChimp directly.

If you sell online using Nexternal’s eCommerce platform, taking advantage of this could not be more simple.  First enter your Google Analytics account number in the field provided in your Nexternal system so that GA is now integrated and can receive eCommerce conversion data.  Next, enable MailChimp in the Compatible Software area so that your customer profiles are synced between it and your Nexternal system.  Finally, put you feet up on your desk and pat yourself on the back, because you are done with your integration and now ready to market to your clients.

By leveraging Nexternal’s integration with MailChimp and Google Analytics, you can easily see how much revenue each email campaign generates for you.  This will allow you to further adjust the effectiveness of your marketing and generate more revenue.

Craig is the VP of Sales at Nexternal and is known in the industry as an expert in eCommerce, systems integrations, and online marketing. Craig has been with Nexternal since 2000 and his passion and experience are apparent to all who work with him.