Facebook Updates, Twitter Updates, Your Business Updates?

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
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Have you ever thought about how easy it is to view your Facebook Newsfeed and Twitter stream from your phone? As an eCommerce merchant, your key sales statistics are obviously more important than a photo of what your friend is having for dinner. Don’t you wish it was just as easy to receive real-time business performance data as it is social updates directly from your phone?

It is if your eCommerce system includes a mobile dashboard. Having a dashboard on your phone will give you instant access critical information on-the-go. However, not all mobile dashboards are the same. There are a few must-haves when it comes to a “great mobile dashboard”… these include:

  1. An Easily Understood Graphical Interface – Charts/Graphs indicating your store’s most important performance metrics
  2. Real-time Sales Data – Ability to fetch up-to-date information on-the-go
  3. Detailed Order Information – Include relevant order details: Total Amount, Individual Line Items, Shipping & Sales Tax, Billing & Fulfillment Status, and Customer Identification
  4. Product Performance – Identify quantity of top-selling products and associated revenue
  5. Flexible Date Range – The ability to set a specific date range allowing you to compare revenue and visitors over time and uncover trends
  6. New Order Notification – Push notifications alerting you the moment a new order comes

If you are looking for a mobile dashboard for your iOS device, Nexternal has one of the most highly rated available. It has recently released Dashboard Plus not only provides instant access to critical business information, it is available for free in the Apple App Store.

To see Dashboard Plus in action, register for the Live Demonstration on Thursday May 23rd at 11am PST / 2pm EST and don’t forget to download for free today.

Currently an eCommerce Account Manager at Nexternal, Matthew enjoys helping businesses succeed online. Prior to joining Nexternal, Matthew spent years implementing innovative marketing campaigns for a world renowned design firm and is particularly passionate about online marketing and entrepreneurship.