Help Clueless Gift Shoppers with Related Products

Friday, November 18th, 2016
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Holiday shopping is picking up. Is your online store poised to take advantage of it? An easily overlooked feature within Nexternal is Related Products. This lists items of your choosing underneath the description for any product. This is an easy way to suggest other products that may interest the shopper. Particularly gift shoppers.

Gift shoppers are very open to suggestions, because they usually don’t know exactly what to get. Let’s say a visitor is shopping for a sister who enjoys running. They may be looking at a pair of sweat-wicking socks. Rather than admonishing the shopper for even thinking about gift socks, set up a few related products that would make better gifts. A running shoe might make sense, but also include items closer to the price range of the socks. Maybe a sporty pullover or performance earbuds. This gives the shopper alternative ideas that hopefully push them in the direction of spending more.

For the truly clueless, you can also set up Gift Certificates as a related product. To do this, edit a product. On the first page, declare how many related products will be listed for this product. On the second page, set up which products will be listed as Related Products. If Gift Certificates are set up in your system, you’ll be able to select “Gift Certificate” as a related item.

Check out this article for tips on maximizing your Related Products setup.

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