How to Reduce Your Chances of Rejection

Friday, April 18th, 2014
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Well, we can work on your email’s chances of rejection anyway. And by that I mean improving its click-through rate. While I can’t really comment on your personal life, perhaps we can draw some correlations. Human psychology is, after all, applicable in multiple situations.

Be a Tease
If you’ve heard of “playing hard to get”, you’ll know that it’s a game of teasing the other person with just enough information for them to get interested. In the world of email newsletters, you want to tantalize your readers with interesting knowledge, but you don’t want to give away everything. The goal is for them to click through to your website. Humans like answers, the resolution to a puzzle or question. Your email should present an interesting question or dilemma, with hints of the answer. The reader will have to click through to your website to get the full answer.

Be Honest
The idea is to entice, not to deceive. People hate being tricked. If you promise information about naturally bolstering the immune system, don’t immediately direct them to your supplement sales page. Make good on your promise and deliver good information. If readers feel cheated, it makes them even less likely to click on future emails.

Be Provocative
Women who wear low-cut dresses are hoping to stir some kind of emotion in others, whether it be lust, envy, jealousy, or admiration. Being a tease is playing upon human curiosity, but being provocative is about making the reader feel something. Anger, joy, anxiety, surprise, and awe are emotions that people often take action upon, whether it’s sharing, buying, or even just clicking. To go back to our supplement example, if you were to talk about how certain pharmaceutical drugs cause more problems than they solve, you might surprise readers, or make them anxious or angry. They may be more likely to click to learn more than if you to simply state the benefits of herbs.

You didn’t know how much email marketing could be like dating, did you? In a sense you are courting your reader, hoping they’ll want to learn more about you. People can’t help but judge books by their covers, so improve your chances by wrapping yours in a teasing, provocative, yet honest package.

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