In Defense of Mobile

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
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In case you haven’t heard… it is no longer “optional” or “recommended” for companies that sell online to optimize their websites for mobile devices. Ecommerce heavyweights have invested heavily in mobile and pulled the consumer market with them, smartphones are in the hands of the majority of all mobile phone users, and now your customers just plain expect it! It’s become a situation in which you’re no longer ahead of the curve if you have a mobile site, you are BEHIND the curve if you don’t! Still skeptical? Following are some numbers that may change your mind.

The Numbers:
57 – On Thanksgiving Day in 2015, more shoppers shopped on mobile devices than on desktop devices (57 percent share). Forty-three percent of shoppers shopped on smartphones, and 14 percent on tablets. (Source)
514 – Cyber Monday 2015 set a new records for the largest online sales day in history. On November 30, 2015, over $514 million in sales were transacted on smartphones and tablets ($313 million and $201 million respectively). (Source)
79 – In 2016, it is projected that 79% of all mobile phone users in the US will be smartphone users. (Source)
300 – A recent study published by ICSC research found that omni-channel customers (those who shop for a brand’s products through various online and offline channels) tend to shop 300% more frequently and spend 350% more than single-channel shoppers. (Source)
90 – Ninety percent of people move between devices to accomplish tasks (Source)

The Super Duper Easy Instructions:
If you are a Nexternal merchant, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a mobile optimized site! Every Nexternal store has a built-in mobile design, which just needs to be activated. (Log into your Order Management System and visit your layout section). Don’t delay a moment longer!

Lanette Willis is a Senior Account Manager at Nexternal. Before joining Nexternal she spent nearly a decade working in market research and professional services marketing, before running her own successful eCommerce apparel business. Lanette is passionate about helping people and businesses thrive.