Re-Engaging Previous Visitors with a ‘In Stock Notification’ Feature

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
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Generating traffic and capturing orders are the two most important objectives of any online merchant. Every visitor to your site is a potential customer, which is why it is critical that your ecommerce system capitalizes on every opportunity to convert that visitor. However, in the event that a product is backordered, there will always be people who are reluctant to purchase that item since it is not currently available. This is why it is important that your eCommerce system has In Stock Notification. With this tool, a customer will automatically receive an e-mail notification when the product that they are interested in becomes available. This is the perfect way to re-engage a potential customer. What may otherwise have been a potential customer who left your store empty handed has now become someone who has requested to be contacted. This is a very different outcome that no merchant should ignore.

Nexternal users can easily activate the automatic In Stock Notification feature in Settings/Boolean Options. You are also able to change the language on the “Notify Me” link in Layout/General Layout/Labels/In Stock Notification Link.

Coming from a medical and non-profit management background, Taryn has extensive experience in customer service and marketing. She is a Senior Account Manager for Nexternal and loves working with her clients to develop social media and marketing strategies to improve their online presence. In her spare time, she also runs a successful eCommerce jewelry and essential oils business.