Use Effective Category Descriptions

Monday, April 2nd, 2012
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Many online merchants will invest a significant amount of time coming up with just the right images and messages to use on their website’s homepage. These images are used to welcome the shopper but are also a great way to show featured products, advertise any discounts or promotions, as well as point shoppers in the direction you’d like them to go upon landing on your homepage. However merchants can forget that a shopper may find their store through various resources and may not always land on the homepage first. Merchants need to consider adding these effective images and promotions messages throughout their online store and a great place to add them is in the Category Descriptions.

A great example of using the Category Description to help sell their products and express discounts can be seen on Cameron Hughes’ store.  If the shopper were to land directly on this page from a Google search or from an email marketing campaign, they would see the Free Shipping message as well as a vibrant image showing the accolades for the wines that they are viewing in that category.

Cameron Hughes takes it a step further here,  by embedding a video in the Category Description which is sure to draw the buyers attention and help sell the wines in that category.

Nexternal customer’s can easily add simple text to any Category Description on your Nexternal storefront, but the description box is HMTL compatible so it is recommended that you don’t just add text. Get creative and use this section to add effective images that help sell the category. As seen with Cameron Hughes, merchants can even embed video so consider experimenting with Category Descriptions to find out what works best for your business.

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